Killing The Same Person Every Time


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I’m debating on dropping EWSNQR. :/


14 thoughts on “KtSPET 6”

  1. !! Nooo don’t drop please! TwT
    Love the project and the wonderful translations you are doing ❤

    But if you are really not feeling up for continuing it… it's ok, rather you enjoy translating rather than tormenting yourself in a terrible state 😦

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  2. The decision is yours and I can kind of understand why you are considering dropping it.

    The author seems to lose passion and plot for the story once the MC and ML meet one another in each world. Rather than wanting to show to two overcoming challenges the author would rather just show the next world, rinse and repeat. That isn’t to say I dislike the story. I just view the novel as a ‘light read’ since unless the author changes her style, it will never be one of the ‘great novels’ with lots of plot line and character development.

    Thank you for translating as much as you have on that novel and thank you for translating a new chapter of KtSPET! Whichever decision you make just make sure it’s what you want.

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  3. Ah, I’m curious what caused you to drop EWSNQR. Is it like ‘Rebirth of MC’ where the translator didn’t enjoy the novel’s ending or the quality of the stories get worse?


  4. Nooooo (╥﹏╥)(╥﹏╥) i really like your works, and that novel is great too, its a shame but if you had lost interest what can we do , take your time to think abour your decision. I think the reader will support whatever you choose


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